It’s 9 A.M. It’s Time To Start Partying And Grab Your Christmas Onesie.

On a recent Saturday morning, an hour or so after daybreak, while many New Yorkers were just waking up, a line of individuals dressed for the holidays extended 300 feet long in front of a warehouse beside train tracks in industrial Brooklyn.
Santa hats, red and green sweaters, elf ears, and reindeer antlers were among the decorations. It was a brisk 38 degrees outside.
At eight in the morning, Kayla Williams was one of the first people in line. She had begun making preparations for her white faux-fur outfit a month ago. She smiled and added, “I’m here to party with my ladies.
It just so happened that the celebration started at nine in the morning.
With an 82-foot tree in Rockefeller Center, a stunning light show at Saks Fifth Avenue, picture-postcard ice skating in Central Park, and ballet dancers jetéing through “The Nutcracker” at Lincoln Center, New York City traditionally celebrates Christmas in grand style. There are house parties, cocktail parties, and corporate gatherings. And while sober early-morning dance parties are becoming more and more common, very few drunken gatherings call for an alert.

The 9 a.m. Banger, an all-ages dance party with DJs and a few hours of free drinks, has recently become a New York classic despite all odds. It moves across the city, attracting a youthful population that seems to appreciate the novelty of a crazy morning out.

One of the organizers, 33-year-old Jonathan Espinal, stated, “We’ve all attended parties at night.” “We’ve all attended drunken brunches. However, not everyone has gotten up early to party.
The Banger Before Christmas had the largest audience to date, with 2000 attendees, according to Mr. Espinal. It was his and his pals’ seventh 9 a.m. party of the year.
Initially just a pre-SantaCon get-together in a Washington Heights apartment in 2015, the concept swiftly expanded into something much, much greater. Additionally, while SantaCon is frequently a predominantly white event, the 9 a.m. Banger draws a sizable Black and Latino crowd.