Preparing A Unique Christmas Meal SVG

Instead of Christmas decorations and gifts, December 25th brings back memories of sticky rice and pig for Leading Aircraftman Chris Nguyen.
Christmas was just another day, according to the network technician, who is presently stationed at a forward operating post in the Middle East.
According to Leading Aircraftman Nguyen, “Christmas isn’t often celebrated in Vietnamese society.”
But now that a new generation has joined our family, we make this a special day for the children of my siblings.
In the 1980s, Leading Aircraftman Nguyen moved to Australia. After serving in the South Vietnamese military, his father and uncle left Vietnam to avoid persecution. The soldiers and their families arrived in Adelaide after being lured onto a boat headed for Australia.
Leading Aircraftman Nguyen claimed that his father initially opposed him enlisting in the military.
He said that the soldier “felt the circumstances would be the same as the Vietnamese army.”
When he realized what I had done, his opinion of the ADF was altered. He now appreciates what I do.
Leading Aircraftman Nguyen is a communications help desk employee at Headquarters Middle East and is halfway through a seven-month deployment on Operation Accordion.
He is one of several ADF members who have been sent to support operations in the Middle East and Africa. His regular posting is to 1 Combat Communication Squadron in Edinburgh, and this is his second trip there.