Germaine Pratt of the Bengals regrets his response after Joseph Ossai’s sentence

CLEVELAND — After the Bengals’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, linebacker Germaine Pratt apologized for his out-of-control outburst.
When defensive end Joseph Ossai was penalized for unnecessary roughness before to the game-winning field goal, Pratt was heard saying, “Why would you touch the f—-ing quarterback?,” as he entered the visitors’ locker room at Arrowhead Stadium.
Pratt said that his response was inappropriate on Monday.
I was there, Pratt admitted. “I was mistaken. I would claim that I erred. You may admit your errors as a man by looking in the mirror. In that situation, I wasn’t a terrific teammate. That doesn’t make me a man, though.”
In a replay of the AFC title game from the previous year, the penalty allowed Harrison Butker to kick a 45-yard field goal with three seconds remaining, giving Kansas City a 23-20 victory. With their victory, Kansas City stopped the Bengals from returning to the Super Bowl and snapped their three-game winning run over the Chiefs that had begun in the regular season of 2021.
It’s a response that every rival has, according to Pratt. “You are aware of the significance of the situation. There is no denying that I adore this game.
They mention how I am as a teammate. The game was never played by some people. They are unaware of the amount of effort that players put in.
Ossai spoke with media following the game and accepted responsibility for the foul. Ossai, 22, was accompanied by Bengals defensive tackle BJ Hill as they stood together to encourage him and deflect any unwanted inquiries from the media.
In response to the loss, Pratt said he “went around and talked to every person” when asked if he had spoken to Ossai since Sunday night.
Pratt has evolved into one of Cincinnati’s most important defenders over the past four seasons. His interception during the 2021 postseason’s wild-card game against the Las Vegas Raiders gave Cincinnati its first playoff victory in 31 years. Pratt forced a turnover against Kansas City in Week 13 of this season, leading to a 27-24 victory.