Travis Kelce suggests that Andy Reid, the Chiefs coach, wasn’t happy with the lateral attempt.

The Chiefs pulled off a little of flair in a 2019 game in Detroit when tight end Travis Kelce grabbed a pass and lateraled the ball back to LeSean McCoy for a significant gain. Kelce tried that ruse once more on Sunday, but it failed. Sunday’s AFC Championship Game tight end Travis Kelce of the Chiefs grabbed a ball from quarterback Patrick Mahomes late in the first quarter and gave it back to running back Jerick McKinnon.

The lateral, though, wasn’t excellent, and the ball fell to the ground. McKinnon successfully recovered the ball, which was fortunate for the Chiefs. The following quarter, Kelce debated running another lateral but decided to hold the ball.

In the most recent installment of the “New Heights” podcast, Kelce’s brother Jason questioned him about the lateral attempt (s). Travis responded, “Well, you’ve got to keep the defense honest dude. Jason pushed his sibling. He questioned, “What does Andy say to you when you go to the sideline?

I’m not allowed to share that information,” Travis said. Jason remarked, “I’ve got to hear what Andy’s saying. There is no way he would approve of that. Travis didn’t say much, but he made it clear that Reid wasn’t pleased. Travis said, “Man, I can’t tell you. Just know that I didn’t do it again after that conversation with him.

Travis said, “I should have truly threw the ball back the second time.” Travis stated, “I should have simply threw it higher the first time.” “I should have done it the second time because he would have scored. Noah Gray would have made a goal. He received a spring block from Jody (Fortson), who was nearby, to enter the end zone. A lateral, according to Jason, can result in a turnover.

Third-and-19, declared Travis. It would have been better if I had simply grabbed it and fired it as hard as I could towards Noah. Either he catches it or it veers off the field. Given that the weather was windy and Jet (McKinnon) was too soft, the situation led to a little nosedive.