Jaguars make a catch Cowboys stunned 40-34 in overtime by Prescott

FLORIDA’S JACKSONVILLE — Inches from the ground, Rayshawn Jenkins scooped the ball and sped away.
He had the option to move outside the line of scrimmage or take a knee to play it safe. But for a man who had never returned an interception for a touchdown, this wasn’t the right time or place.
In the NFL, no. not in a university. not when in high school. not even when I was a child in Florida playing peewee football. Jenkins’s only thinking was “score,” thus.
Rayshawn Jenkins snatched the ball up from the ground and sprinted away in Florida’s Jacksonville.
He might have stepped beyond the line of scrimmage or taken a knee to be extra cautious. But it wasn’t the time or place for a man who had never scored on an interception return.
Not in the NFL. not at a college. Certainly not in high school. not even when I was a kid playing peewee football in Florida. Jenkins was simply considering “scoring,” thus.
“I was escaping death’s door, “Jenkins declared. “My hamstrings are going to tear, to say the least.
As the Jaguars celebrated one of their most unlikely victories in team history, Prescott sat on the field in shock.
Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy stated, “Hell of a play by them; unfortunate bounce for us.”
Dallas’ four-game winning streak was snapped by the stunner, and it temporarily lost its chance to clinch a spot in the NFC playoffs. When the New York Giants defeated Washington later on Sunday, the Cowboys secured a wild-card position. In the turbulent AFC South, Jacksonville (6-8) closed the gap on first-place Tennessee to just one game.
The Cowboys responded after the Jaguars had rallied back from a 27-10 deficit to grab the lead in the fourth. In retaliation, Trevor Lawrence maneuvered Jacksonville into position for Riley Patterson’s 48-yard field goal, which resulted in overtime.
The coin toss was won by Jacksonville, who had a chance to win but instead went three-and-out. Three plays later, Jenkins’ pick-6 put an end to the game.
“It’s hard. It’s annoying, “said Prescott. “It’s challenging to walk that fine line between being aggressive and wanting to make a play but also not endangering the ball.
With three touchdowns and two interceptions for 256 yards on 23 of his 30 throws, Prescott was successful. Brown received two of his touchdown throws.